Fr Paul reads from the Gospel of John (3: 31-36) in which John the Baptist says to his disciples, ‘He whom God has sent speaks God’s own words; God gives the Spirit without reserve. The Father loves the Son and has entrusted everything to him’. Afterwards, Fr Paul shares a little about the life of St Peter Chanel, whose memorial we celebrate today.Peter Chanel was born in France in 1803.  He had already been a priest for three years when he was accepted as a Marist.  Fr Paul says, at that time and still to this day, the Marists are a missionary order.  He was then sent to the island of Futuna in the Pacific to evangelise the people of that place. It all started out well as Fr Peter and his lay assistants made many converts. Over time, Peter learned the local language and gained the confidence of the people.  The local ruler became jealous and fearful of this and sent men, who then clubbed Fr Peter to death. His mission had lasted three years.  Fr Paul notes, that as we celebrate Fr Peter’s life, we remember that he is the first martyr of the South Seas.St Peter Chanel pray for us!