Fr Paul reads from the Gospel of Mark (12: 28-34) in which a scribe asks Jesus which is the most important commandment of all. Today as we celebrate the lives of St Charles Lwanga and his Companions, Fr Paul shares a little about them.

Charles is Ugandan and, at the time, the Ugandan King killed many Christians some of whom were his servants and/or personal attendants.

Charles and his companions (and there were 21 of them, the youngest only 13 years of age) were executed for being Christian and for speaking out against the actions of the King. They died between 1885 and 1887.  Most of them were burned alive in a group after being tortured.  Within a year of their deaths, huge numbers started to come to Christianity.

As we did on Tuesday, Fr Paul says, we recall the tradition of our Church and pray… Charles Lwanga and his Companions… Pray for us.