Jesus explains what the Kingdom of Heaven is like

Fr Paul reads two Gospels, the one we missed yesterday (Matthew 13: 44-46) because of the feast of St Martha and the one for today (Matthew 13: 47-53).

In these Gospels, Fr Paul says we hear three parables about the Kingdom of Heaven. Matthew pays close attention to the scribes at the end of this Gospel because it is possible he was a scribe himself.

If you’ve ever wondered what a scribe is, or what a scribe does, the job of a scribe was to guide people and to do this you needed to study the scriptures and search out their deeper meeting. So when we hear at the end of the scribe who brings out things new or old… is this Matthew writing about himself? Through the writing of this Gospel, is Matthew acknowledging that as a scribe he is bringing out things both new and old – the old being Judaism and the new being Jesus and his teachings.

It is interesting when we get to the end of these three parables, the Gospel is quite clear that when Jesus had finished he left the district and so the journey continues