Fr Paul reads from the Gospel of Luke (11:14-23) in which Jesus, after driving a demon out, says ‘Every kingdom divided against itself is headed for ruin, and a household divided against itself collapses’.Fr Paul says in today’s Gospel Jesus is accused of being in league with the devil and, even though these people are accusing him, Jesus at least acknowledges that they recognise that he does cast out demons so this in fact is a healing ministry of Jesus. Fr Paul says we can’t ever calculate the effect of what would happen to a person who was suffering some kind of mental illness when they come in contact with the powerful and awesome personality of Jesus. Such an encounter might have an immediate and stunning outcome like we hear in today’s Gospel. These healings done by Jesus are given to us to show that Jesus is not just a human person but that he is also someone who can work wonders.Fr Paul notes ‘healing’ as the theme of today’s Gospel and as our Lenten Journey continues, asks, ‘What needs healing in my life at the moment?’