Fr Paul Gooley reads today from the Gospel of Luke (11:14-23) in which Jesus says whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me, scatters.

Fr Paul says in this Gospel passage Jesus is accused of being in league with the Prince of Demons. The name of the prince of demons, ‘Beelzebul’, has never really been satisfactorily explained.

However, the interest of the passage is that, by ascribing Jesus’s exorcisms to the Prince of Demons, his opponents are at least admitting that he did cast out demons. What should we say about the healing activity of Jesus? In the primitive state of medical knowledge at the time diseases could often be ascribed to demonic possession.

It is impossible to calculate the effect on a person suffering from illness of any kind when they meet the powerful and awesome personality of Jesus. Such an encounter might have an immediate and stunningly effective outcome.

The Gospels are trying to give us an account of what happens when a sick person meets the divinity of Jesus because Jesus is not just a human person.

Fr Paul invites us to reflect on today’s Gospel Lesson – If I was to meet Jesus today, what would need healing in my life?