Fr Paul reads the Gospel from Mark (6: 7-13), in which Jesus sends the twelve out to preach with nothing for the journey.

Fr Paul says today in the Gospel we hear Jesus’s instructions for those who are going out on missionary journeys. We hear that they are to travel light. They are to have sandals on their feet rather than barefoot, allowing them to move more quickly. They are to rely on others for food so they are not weighed down or wasting time searching for food. They are also instructed not to waste any time on those who reject them. There is a sense of urgency to be ready for the journey and to ready for the coming of the Kingdom of God.

As they are sent out on the journey Jesus gives them authority, which they use. They also know the key message that Jesus sends them out with. It is the message of repentance, to turn back to God.

For our reflection today, Fr Paul says we might ask ourselves, ‘What do I need to repent from in my life at the present time? In what areas might I need to turn back to God? and ‘How ready am I to go and be a missionary to spread the Good News about Jesus?’