Fr Paul Gooley reads today’s Gospel from Mark (6: 7-13) in which Jesus sends out the twelve on mission, instructing them to take nothing with them and not to worry if they are not welcomed. Fr Paul says, the instructions we hear in today’s Gospel, instructions for those going on a mission, is shaped by the urgency of the Kingdom. They are to travel light for speed. They should wear sandals rather than go barefoot, also for speed and security. They are to rely for their provisions on the welcome they receive, and if they are unwelcome, they should not waste time on those who reject them. There was so little time to spare. His death and Resurrection would fulfill God’s plan and restore us to friendship with God. But even then, the reign of peace and justice is not yet been established. There is still sorrow, distress, fraud, jealousy and plenty of other evils which can, and do, fracture God’s Kingship because we are still imperfect, still pilgrim members of a pilgrim Church. There is still work to be done like the disciples are being sent out to do in the Gospel. Fr Paul notes today’s Gospel Lesson: Like the disciples in the Gospel, we cannot sit back complacently, and leave the task of establishing the Kingdom to others.