Jesus returns to his hometown

Fr Paul reads from the Gospel of Luke (4: 14-22) in which Jesus reads from scripture in the synagogue on the Sabbath at Nazara.

In the Gospel we have just heard, Fr Paul says, Jesus explains his mission.  Jesus unrolls the scroll and stops at the central passage of Isaiah, applying to himself, the prophecy of the coming of the Spirit. Jesus challenges the people’s expectations by also applying the passage to outsiders, not just to the chosen people, the Jews.

The writer of Luke stresses that the Samaritans, the outcasts and the Gentiles are also part of the mission of Jesus.  Is it any wonder, Fr Paul says that at some point, the people of Nazara are upset and angry with Jesus and try to do away with him?

Again, this Gospel reminds us, as did the Feast of the Epiphany, that the mission of the Church is worldwide.  Like the disciples did, we must spread the message of Jesus to those close to us and to those in all the world.  Fr Paul says, that’s the challenge that we might think about for our reflection today.