Jesus instructs his disciples

Yesterday we began the mission discourse of Jesus with the naming of the twelve. Today in Matthew’s Gospel (10: 7-15) we are hearing of Jesus’ instructions to them as the commissioning of the twelve continues. Fr Paul says yesterday they were named and today they get their job description.

It is interesting to note from this gospel, says Fr Paul that they are not being sent to proclaim Jesus.

Jesus tells them to go and proclaim that the kingdom of heaven is near – they are sent to proclaim is that the end is near, the end of any strife or conflict, the end of death, the end of sickness and the end of evil; All these things come to an end when the kingdom of God comes. This a hope which all of us, as Christians, are called upon to believe in and live.

For our reflection today, Fr Paul invites us to listen to the instructions the disciples are given to conduct their ministry and ask ourselves, ‘How can we, through the living of our lives, tell others that the kingdom of heaven is near at hand?’