Fr Paul reads from the Gospel of Matthew (11: 20-24) in which Jesus chastises certain towns for their non-belief.Today, Fr Paul says, we hear Jesus reproaching towns he has worked miracles in and the failure of the Jews to respond to the Messiah is one of the sadness’s of the first Christians.  There is the tragic fulfilment of Jesus’s words in the Gospel today, and Fr Paul notes it is illustrated by the ruins of the three villages that are mentioned. Chorazin is a shamble of black basalt rocks sitting on the hill above the lake; a ruin that we think is called Bethsaida lies partially excavated just on the other side of the Jordan; but the most chilling judgement is for Capernaum, which instead of being raised up to heaven is thrown down into hell.Fr Paul says, mindful of the three villages that did not listen, did not accept Jesus and the miracles that he worked there, do I listen for the voice of Jesus in my life? Do I acknowledge the miracles that take place in my life?