Tony Worner, our Leader of Formation, presents our Gospel reflections this week and today reads from Matthew’s Gospel (5: 43-48) in which Jesus tells his disciples ‘love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, in this way you will be children of your Father in heaven’.In today’s Gospel, Tony says, Jesus warns his listeners, he warns us, against tribal or racial exclusiveness. In other words, where we simply acknowledge or love those who are like us and where we reject others or see them as outsiders. For Christ, there are no outsiders, everyone is included – for the sun shines and the rain falls on all alike. We are to open our hearts to all even those who hate us or who disagree with us. You may have read recently some of the Reports commissioned by the bishops from some of the Dioceses, for the upcoming 2023 Bishops’ Synod in Rome. As of today, all but one of the 33 dioceses in Australia has released a synthesis. They make for sobering reading. They are a reminder of the need for each one of us to examine how inclusive we are to all people when we talk about Church.   In closing Tony prays ‘May the Spirit be with us as we welcome all to the table’.