Fr Paul reads from John’s Gospel (14: 27-31) in which the Jesus gives the gift of peace to his disciples saying, ‘Do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid’.Fr Paul says, today, we continue to read from the farewell discourse of Jesus.  As we hear, he is preparing his disciples for when he is gone.Today’s reading begins with Jesus’s greeting of peace.  It is interesting to note, that when Jesus says this, he says it is ‘my peace’.  And Christ’s peace is a true peace, of generosity and justice.  It is a peace where hearts are untroubled and unafraid.  It is a peace that is lived with a clear conscience and a peace where we are at peace with ourselves.Such a blessing of peace in this way is even more important as Jesus says in the reading that he has no more to say. After this Jesus says, ‘Let us get up and go’.Fr Paul says, with this gift of peace in mind, we might reflect today ‘Do I share the peace of Christ with others?’