Fr Paul reads from the Gospel of Matthew (12: 46-50) in which Jesus clarifies who belongs to God’s family.Fr Paul says it might seem in this Gospel that Jesus is rejecting his mother and brothers, who have come to see him. In fact, what is actually happening is that Jesus is say there is no barrier to belonging to God’s family, which is why he includes those gathered around him.  Anyone who does the will of the Father, this is how you can be a member of God’s family.Having heard this Gospel and having previously heard of the authority of Jesus and the rejection of Jesus, the scene is now set to hear of the growth of the Kingdom and to hear of some of its difficulties.  We will hear of that in the days ahead.For our reflection today, the image of being included in God’s family is indeed a beautiful one, so Fr Paul invites us to examine our hearts, ‘How do I do the will of the Father in my life?’