Fr Paul shares in today’s Gospel (Matthew 14: 22-36) the story of Jesus walking on water to His disciples who were in a boat offshore. Fr Paul says, it is often said in this gospel the Christian people are the boat, and St Peter is at the helm. Like every boat crew, everyone, all of us has a part to play.In this gospel we hear that without Jesus with them in the boat the disciples were getting exhausted, frustrated and angry because it was so hard going. Then when Jesus appears everything changes: first, terror and awed amazement, then Peter rushes to meet him – and loses confidence, only to be swiftly rescued.Fr Paul says the gospel message is that without God’s presence we cannot expect to cope. Jesus does not force himself upon us, He just reminds us and says, ‘Here I am if you want me.’ He may disappear into the sea-mist again for a time, and we may sink into the water like mistrustful Peter. But it all ends with a welcome and a recognition that Jesus can cope even with a life-threatening situations.For our reflection today, and using this gospel image of Jesus coming to the disciples on the water, we can ask ourselves “how does Jesus come to me in my life?”