Be ready for when the master comes

Tony Worner reads today’s Gospel from Luke (12: 35-38) in which Jesus tells his disciples to be ready for when the master comes.

Tony says that scholars suggest the verses we have just heard in today’s Gospel refer to ‘practical matters’. The image of lamps being lit to provide ‘light’ evokes a strong message. Jesus teaches his disciples to be ready, to be prepared, for his coming – which, as Tony mentioned yesterday, is the theme of this section.

People who are awake and are aware of their surroundings are ready for action – ready for mission when that moment comes. This reference to lamps is also a reminder that we are called to be a light for others and to have a willingness to serve those in need, those who come knocking on our door.

So, the question for us, is to reflect: Who is in need of our assistance and support at the moment? Is it our next-door neighbor? Our work colleague? One of our children? Our spouse? A family member?

A caring voice, a listening ear, a helping hand – can make a difference to those seeking the light. Am I prepared to be a light for those who are struggling in darkness?

Tony invites us to join him in praying:
Holy Spirit of God, fill us with your presence and keep our minds set on the things of God. Strengthen us when we are weary and lift us when we stumble, so as to keep us on the path following Jesus. We ask this through Jesus himself.