While Fr Paul is away over the next three weeks, we will have guest presenters sharing our daily Gospel reflections. This week Tony Worner, Leader of Formation at St Agnes’ Catholic Parish joins us.

Before Tony reads from the Gospel of Matthew (11:25-30) in which Jesus invites everyone to ‘Come to me, all who labour and are overburdened, and I will give you rest’, he notes that, today, we celebrate the memorial of St Francis of Assisi.

Tony says this memorial of St Francis of Assisi is a particularly significant day as Pope Francis took his name after this saint, and one of our Mass centres is named St Francis of Assisi Chapel.

As you may know or have read, today marks the end of the ‘Season of Creation’ which begins each year on September 1. The Pope encourages all the world, but particularly Catholic Christians to not only pray for the earth, our common home, but to actively renew our relationship with the Creator and with creation, through celebration, conversion, and commitment. The theme this year has been “Listening to the voice of creation” with the symbol of the burning bush. Tony says, the Aboriginal people can teach us much about this listening to creation through their spirituality with what is called Dadirri.

And so, as we try and listen deeply to the stirrings and promptings of creation, let us pray …

God of all ages, you call us to keep watch in the world and to discern the signs of our times. Grant us wisdom so that with courage we may proclaim your prophetic word in our world and carry forward the urgent work you have set before us. Amen.

St Francis of Assisi, pray for us!