Jesus feeds the Five Thousand

Fr Paul reads from the Gospel of Mark (6: 34-44) in which Jesus takes pity on the people because they were like sheep without a shepherd.

Fr Paul says today’s Gospel can be read in a number of ways. We can look at it as a eucharist – the disciples gathered around Jesus for a meal. We hear at the end that there are 12 baskets, which could represent the 12 tribes of Israel.  We can also look at it from the eyes of the people, that Jesus is a prophet like Moses (Moses fed the people with manna when they were in the desert).

Whatever way we look at his Gospel we see the people coming to Jesus. We see the people nourished by Jesus in whatever way, shape or form and then they are sent on their way.

We, too, are like the people in these crowds. We, too, during this time of reflection, come to Jesus.  We ask to be nourished so we can continue on our Journey.