Today, Fr Paul reads from the Gospel of Matthew (5: 13-16) in which Jesus tells his disciples they are the light of the world and ‘your light must shine before others so that, seeing your good works, they will give the praise to your Father in heaven’.This week we’ve entered back into Ordinary Time until the Advent season begins at the end of the year. Hence, Fr Paul notes, the return to the green in his background today, which represents the green of Ordinary Time.Today’s sayings about salt and light come at various places in the Gospels to challenge and encourage the disciples.  In Matthew’s Gospel today, these references to salt and light come after the Sermon on the Mount so, Fr Paul says, we have this image of food and food without salt can be plain and tasteless, utterly unexciting. A half-hearted proclamation of the Gospel will not win any converts.  The message of the Gospel must be sharp and challenging otherwise, like the example of the salt, it could be thrown out.Fr Paul notes, the image of the lamp is gentler and more positive.  The flame of a lamp on a lampstand in a small room can light the furthest corners of that room and it can make social life and other activities possible because we can see.  The lamp on the lampstand can bring joy to family and friends.Fr Paul says, with these two images in mind, for our reflection today, ‘How effectively do I proclaim and live the Gospel to those around me?’