Today Anne O’Brien, our Director of Mission, reads from the Gospel of John (13: 21-33, 36-38) in which Jesus , who predicts Peter’s denial of him, says, ‘I shall not be with you much longer. You will look for me, and just as I told the Jews: Where I am going, you cannot come’.Anne says Jesus is sharing a last meal with his friends.  They have been with him through good times and bad over the past three years, but they just don’t seem to understand why he is so troubled in spirit as this time. It must have been so hard for Jesus to know that one of his friends is about to betray him, and another will disown him, not only once, but three times.  Night had well and truly fallen! I can quite imagine Jesus turning to his Father at this time. In God he has trusted from the time in his mother’s womb.  God has always been there teaching him the way, being a dependable source of inspiration and strength. Even if his friends desert him, he knows that God will not.  In the coming days we will witness the absolute dependence that Jesus has in his Father, that relationship is a treasure to behold.  In closing Anne, invites to join her in this prayer:God our Father,Free us from all that is darkness in our thoughts, words, and deeds,In this Holy Week many we follow the way of the CrossAnd discover all the more that Christ is the light of our lives.Amen.