Jesus casts out demons

In this Gospel we hear Matthew (8: 28-34) again stressing the power of Jesus.  Fr Paul says we hear today of Jesus’ encounter with not one demoniac (a person possessed by an evil spirit/demon) but two. So fierce are they, that no-one can pass by that way.

It is interesting to note, adds Fr Paul, that they address Jesus as ‘Son of God’. The demons recognise who Jesus is, know how powerful he is and they plead with him.

Jesus commands them to go and they do.

Once this reported to town’s people, the Gospel writer tells us that the whole town (not just one or two) but the ‘whole town’ came out to meet Jesus.

Today, in our prayer time, mindful that Jesus has the power to cast out demons, Fr Paul invites us to reflect – What are the demons in my life at the moment? and to turn to Jesus, who has the power to cast them out, and to ask him for help in these areas.