Paul reads from the Gospel of Luke (4: 38-44) in which Jesus heals Simon’s mother-in-law and many others.

In today’s reading, Fr Paul says, we again hear of the healing ministry of Jesus – not once but many times.

Firstly, with Simon’s mother-in-law we see Jesus rebuking the fever and immediately she is healed, gets up and goes back to work.

Secondly, at the end of the day, he heals all those who are brought to him.  And again, Jesus rebukes the spirits and tells them to be quiet because they know who he is, the Son of God. We also see in this second healing the origins of our Anointing of the Sick, where Jesus lays his hands on them as he performs the cure. This laying of hands is still done to this very day.

Thirdly, Jesus is surrounded by crowds of people who do not want him to leave, yet, Jesus moves on with his mission, away from Galilee and into Judea.

Fr Paul says, again, we see a pattern that we ourselves can imitate; we too, can have the need for healing in our lives in some way; we too, like the people of the Gospel, can seek Jesus out; we too, can place our needs before him; and, we too, can allow him to respond.

Fr Paul says, we might imitate this model for our reflection today.