Jesus came not to abolish the Law but to complete it

In today’s Gospel of Matthew (5:17-19), Jesus once again gathers his disciples, telling them he came not to abolish the Law of the Prophets but to complete it.

Fr Peter, reflecting on this passage, says sometimes we can get caught up in the misconception that our faith is based on rules and regulations and forget that our faith is based on a relationship – a relationship with God.

When we think on the relationships we have with family and friends, they are an expression of love to us. It is a love that we sometimes take for granted.  In this context, it is a reminder that, as we continue to endure this pandemic, we need to recognise the presence of God in our lives: A God who is willing to give his life for us, a God who truly loves us for who we are.

As important as it is to follow rules and regulations in our lives (they do have their place), we also have to challenge ourselves to be aware always of the love of God in our lives.  We can get caught up in our pride and let it dictate the way we conduct our lives, as though God is irrelevant or imposes his will on us.  We know God does not do that. He is one who allows us to make the choice to follow him. When we make that decision, we do so because we know he is the way – the way to our happiness, to our fulfilment, to our meaning and purpose.

Today’s message is challenging; it asks us to allow God to show us where we need to go; and when we do, we find freedom and the consolation of peace we desire.

In closing, Fr Peter says ‘Let us ask God for his grace that, as we uphold the laws and commandments that our faith has revealed to us, we may first and foremost remember that our faith is one of relationship – a relationship with God who truly loves us and helps us with the journey ahead.’