Anne Deputy Chief Executive Officer: Mission, People and Culture for St Agnes’ Catholic Parish, reads today from the Gospel of Matthew (5: 17-19) in which Jesus tells his followers ‘Do not imagine that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish but to complete them’.

Anne says, this passage as part of the Sermon on the Mount provides profound insight into Jesus’ mission and the continuing relevance of God’s commandments. Let us consider the key messages Jesus imparts to us and how we are to live them today.

In this reading Jesus emphasizes that His coming does not nullify the Law or the Prophets but rather fulfills them. He embodies the ultimate purpose and perfection of the Law.

For us, this means that in Jesus, we see the complete revelation of God’s will. We are called to understand and live the commandments not just as rules, but as a way to deepen our relationship with God through Christ.

Jesus wants us to:
• Embrace His life and words to grasp the deeper meaning of the commandments.
• Uphold God’s laws in every aspect of your life. Strive for holiness and integrity, knowing that these laws are meant for our good and lead us to a deeper union with God.
• Teach by Example – whether you are a parent, teacher, or a friend, we are to remember that our actions and words influence others. We are to lead by example, demonstrating the love and truth of God’s commandments in our interactions and relationships.
• And he wants us to regularly engage in prayer, scripture reading, and participation in the sacraments. These practices will strengthen our understanding and commitment to living out the teachings of Christ.
Jesus calls us to a profound respect and adherence to God’s commandments, not as a burden but as a pathway to true fulfillment in Him.

In closing, Anne says, as we follow His example and teaching, let us commit ourselves to living this example, ensuring that our lives reflect the light and love of Christ. May the Holy Spirit guide us in our journey, and may we find joy and peace in fulfilling God’s commands.