Fr Paul reads from the Gospel of John (16: 12-15) in which Jesus promises that when the Spirit of truth comes, the disciples will be guided to the truth.

Fr Paul says, it is probably true that every generation has a slightly different mentality; a slightly different way of thinking; has a different set of skills; and will use different questions and different terminology.  Think of this generation at the moment, especially with the use of social media.

The Holy Spirit, which is mentioned by Jesus in the Gospel, is necessary to translate or formulate the truth in ways that are intelligible and relevant to each new generation.  Sometimes, this is done by various charismatic personalities, like through a Mother Teresa. At other times, it might be through the Church with people such as Oscar Romero, Pope Francis, or Pope John Paul II.

For our reflection today Fr Paul asks us to keep in mind that, at all times, we need the Holy Spirit to be our guide