Fr Paul reads from the Gospel from Matthew (11: 25-27), in which Jesus says ‘everything has been entrusted to me by my Father’.

For Fr Paul this passage really highlights the intimacy between Father and Son in a way no other passage in the Gospels does. The message is not just about the sharing of knowledge and love between Father and Son it also gives us an insight into the mystery of God.

The whole of the Old Testament reveals God’s love for the human race. It also tells of God’s patience, God’s mercy, God’s tolerance, God’s encouragement no matter what we as humans do.

It is only when we see God at work in the Divine figure of Jesus that we can come to a fuller understanding of God’s love.  Jesus moving around bringing light, healing, tolerance, humour, firmness, challenge and more, gives us a glimpse of God.

With this in mind, for our reflection Fr Paul asks us, ‘How do I respond to God’s gift of limitless love?’