Fr Paul reads today from the Gospel of Luke (7: 19-23) in which John the Baptist sends two of his followers to Jesus, to ask, ‘Are you the one who is to come, or must we wait for someone else?’.

Fr Paul says John the Baptist is now in prison and he sends his messengers to Jesus because he wanted to know what was happening.  John had delivered his message of repentance and he was expecting the Messiah to come, yet Jesus is associating with tax collectors and prostitutes and all kinds of other sinners. John starts to doubt, hence, the question – not once but twice – as we hear in the Gospel – ‘Are you the one who is to come, or do we have to wait for someone else?’.

Once the messengers witness the wonders Jesus does, they go back to John and they tell him that Jesus is healing and forgiving.  The prophecies of Isaiah are be fulfilled and the Good News is being proclaimed.  In other words, yes, the Messiah has come, have faith in Jesus.

As we continue our Advent journey and as Christmas approaches, Fr Paul invites us to think about: How is my faith in Jesus at this time? Maybe I am like John and have my doubts or do I truly listen to today’s Gospel and have faith that Jesus is the Messiah who is to come.