Pope St Cornelius and St Cyprian

Fr Paul reads from the Gospel of Luke (7: 31-35) and, afterwards, shares a little about St Cornelius and St Cyprian whose memorials we celebrate today.

Cornelius was made Bishop of Rome, the Pope, in the year 251 and it was with Cyprian’s help that he established his authority, despite groups trying to divide the Church. Due to the persecutions that were taking place at the time, Cornelius was sent into exile. He died in the year of 253 and is buried in Rome.

Cyprian, on the other hand, was born in Carthage in 210. He spent most of his life practicing law and was a convert to Christianity. In 249, he was made Bishop of Carthage.  He steered the Church through troubled times, times of persecution when he had to go into hiding.  In 258, another persecution of Christians began and Cyprian was seen into exile and was executed just as Cornelius was. In Cyprian’s case, he wrote many letters and treatises, which have given us a great insight into the early Church.

So today we remember Pope St Cornelius and St Cyprian and we ask that they pray for us.