Grumbling or Grateful?

Fr Paul reads today’s Gospel from Matthew (20: 1-16) about a landowner and the workers he hires to work in his the vineyard.

In this Gospel, Fr Paul says we are given a clear-cut example of God’s generosity to his people.  Even the ones who come last will be sharers in God’s goodness.

How often are we like the workers who come to get paid at the end of the day?  How often are we the ones that complain ‘it’s not fair they got the same when we did more’?  How often do we see ourselves as deserving and how often do we forget that we have received so much?  If God chooses to be overly generous, so what?

Today, for our reflection and prayer Fr Paul says, rather than grumble about others, we might reflect on what we have received and thank God for his love are care for us.