Fr Paul Gooley reads from the Gospel of Matthew (15: 29-37) in which Jesus, seeing the needs of the people in the large crowd that followed him, healed them and fed them – all ate and were satisfied. Fr Paul says in the Gospel, Jesus goes up to the hills and the people gather round him. They bring their problems with them: sickness, blindness, deafness and Jesus cures them all. But as well Jesus has compassion for the people who have nothing to eat so he calls on his disciples to do something. The disciples think that the solution is outside – that is to go off and find a place that sells bread. But for Jesus the solution is there among them. The solution comes from the people. It is made real with his help. Jesus satisfies their hunger with seven loaves of bread and two fish. There is even food left over. Mindful of this, Fr Paul invites us to reflect today on the following: Jesus feels compassion for those around him. Do I? What can I share with others to help them? And, finally, what do I need the healing touch of Jesus for in my life?