Today, Tony Worner, our Leader of Formation, reads from the Gospel of Luke (12: 39-48) in which Jesus says to the disciples ‘When a person has had a great deal given them, a great deal will be demanded of them.  When a person has been given a great deal on trust, even more will be expected of them’.

Tony says today’s text continues on from yesterday and continues the theme of being prepared.  Once again Jesus insists on vigilance. Be prepared. Do not let your attention wander so that when the master comes you are ready to welcome him.  In fact, we are told the Son of Man will come at an hour we do not expect.

In today’s world, Tony notes, we prefer something that is totally predictable; something which we can control but we know that the Lord comes to us, very often, unexpectedly through events and through others.  The question is are we ready? Are we prepared? Are we open to the possibility that God is knocking on our door?

So, in closing today, Tony invites us to pray for knowing how to be open to the presence of the Lord who comes.