During the time of Jesus and the early Christians, Fr Prodencio says, there was a high demand on becoming vigilant against false prophets because Christianity was still establishing its ground. During the time of the persecution of Christians, many chose to die as martyrs as their way of testifying to their commitment to their faith. Martyrs such as Sts. John Fisher and Thomas More whom we remember today, are among those who gave witness to their faith.In our case nowadays, the call of our time is for each one of us to practice our own spirituality the best that we can amidst other spiritual disciplines around us. The call of our time is no longer competition of spiritualities but rather meaningful practice amidst the coexistence of different spiritualities.Good spirituality is no longer that which stands alone but rather that which gives meaning while still loving and respecting other people following different spiritual disciplines. Spiritualities that make us hostile to other people having different beliefs from us are definitely not giving good fruits. Spiritualities that make us love almost anybody and make us find meaning in this life are definitely like sound trees that produce nothing but good fruits.Fr Prodencio concludes saying ‘May we then become more and more aware of the fruits of our own spiritual exercises along our spiritual journey’.