Feast of Padre Pio

Today’s Gospel is from Luke (9: 1-6) in which Jesus gives the twelve authority and sends them out to proclaim the kingdom of God.

Fr Paul says today we remember and celebrate the life of Padre Pio, or as he is more officially known, Saint Pius of Pietrelcina.

Padre Pio was born in 1887 in Peitrelcina in Italy. At 16, he joined the Capuchin Friars and seven years later he became a priest.  He spent over 50 years in the monastery as San Giovanni Rotondo.  Padre Pio was sought by many as a spiritual advisor, as a confessor, and as an intercessor.  Many miracles have been ascribed to him during his lifetime.

Padre Pio died in 1968, a few days after the 50th anniversary of his receiving the Stigmata. The Stigmata are the five wounds of Christ.  Over 100,000 people attended his funeral.