Your endurance will win you your lives

Fr Paul reads from the Gospel of Luke (21: 12-19) in which Jesus tells the disciples how they can be witnesses to his name when persecuted.

Fr Paul says today’s Gospel is almost a summary of the Acts of the Apostles. Why? Because to give Christ, rather than the Emperor of the Day, the name ‘Lord’ was a way to distinguish Christians from others. If you were a follower of Jesus, it was also a passport for persecution.  When persecution happens, the writer of Luke says it will be Jesus, himself, who will give us speech and wisdom.

Fr Paul notes that persecution has been part of being Christian throughout history, hence at the end of the Gospel, the virtue of perseverance is vital. He reminds us that persecution because of our faith still happens to this very day.

Fr Paul invites us, for our reflection time today, to pray for the virtue of perseverance in our own lives and to ponder on the ways in which we, in our time, can bear witness to Jesus in our family and in our community.