Fr Paul Gooley reads from the Gospel of Luke (13: 22-30) in which Jesus says, in answer to a question about who will be saved, ‘try your best to enter by the narrow door because I tell you many will try to enter and will not succeed’.In today’s Gospel, Fr Paul says, Jesus is now on his way to Jerusalem. He is half-way through his journey towards the Passion – that is, his arrest, torture and death. As Jesus passes through the village’s he again stresses how difficult it is to enter the Kingdom. The synoptic Gospels – Mark, Matthew and Luke – stress the narrowness of the door and the reluctance of the disciples, even the Twelve, to believe (let alone accept) the tough message of the cross.  But, Luke is saying in this Gospel, don’t sit back in contentment because we have been called, or we might find the door slammed in our face. Fr Paul says we are being called to have faith – Christ will triumph and, as the Gospel tells us, people will come from all points of the compass and relax at the table in the Kingdom.Mindful of today’s Gospel, Fr Paul invites us to reflect on this question, ‘Do I have faith to accept the tough message of the cross in my own life?’