Today, as we celebrate the feast of St Luke, the Evangelist, Lisa Bright reads from the Gospel of Luke (10: 1-9) in which Jesus sends out his disciples in pairs to spread the good news of the kingdom of God. Lisa notes, the story of St Luke accompanied by this Gospel encourages us to go out and spread Christ’s message to others. This Gospel, even though written so long ago, may seem apt for today’s world in that anyone who declares to have a faith is a bit like the lambs being sent out among the wolves! The old adage of when in conversation ‘never talk about religion and politics’ still seems to be relevant in this day and age so as not to engage in unwanted conflict. But isn’t having challenging and respectful conversations to understand our faith in new ways a way we can grow in our faith and encourage others to also another way of thinking? Research undertaken by the National Church Life Survey shows that around 3 in 10 Australians would attend a Christian Church Service if invited. It also says, 6 in 10 Australians believe in a God or a higher life force and 57% of Australians believe that Jesus was a real person. Those figures are encouraging! It shows that people are open to conversations about faith. Our mission is to create those safe and life-giving opportunities to have them. It could be conversations over coffee amongst friends. It could be having regular get togethers about life and faith in your own home. It could be faith sharing or renewal groups in your faith community. Where are the places that we can invite people or go out to people, to share the God’s peace? Through our Baptism, we are missioned with the task to share the word, to invite others to encounter Jesus. Will we say yes to being one of the labourers to share the peace and joy of knowing Jesus to others? In closing Lisa says, together, may we support each other and grow together as labourers in the field. She notes,also, that Richard McMahon will present our reflections for the rest of this week.