Memorial of St Jerome

The Gospel today is Luke 9:57-62 and is about the hardships of the apostolic calling.

Today, Fr Paul shares the life story of St. Jerome (347 – 420) whose memorial we celebrate on the 30 of September. Jerome was born in Strido, Dalmatia and studied in Rome, as well as being baptised there as well. Jerome was attracted to the ascetic life and travelled to the east where he was – unwillingly – ordained a priest.

Jerome was then recalled to Rome to be the secretary to Pope Damasus. When the Pope died Jerome returned to the East – Bethlehem in fact – and he founded a monastery, a hospice and a school.

Jerome then started his most important work – the translation of the bible into Latin. Apart from a few revisions this bible is still in use today! Jerome also wrote letter and commentaries on the Scriptures. He died at Bethlehem.

Jerome is recognised as a Saint and as Doctor of the Church.

To conclude Fr. Paul asks St Jerome to pray for us.