Fr Paul reads from the Gospel of Mark (6: 45-52) in which Jesus comes, walking on the water, to the disciples in their boat.

Fr Paul says today’s Gospel has two elements.  The first is Jesus walking on the water but the second is how the wind drops when Jesus gets into the boat with the disciples.  As we hear in the Gospel, the disciples are simply worn out; they are too weak to control the boat, so a disaster is imminent.

This Gospel reminds us that Jesus cares for us even if he is not in the boat with us; Jesus cares for us even when we are ignorant of our own peril; or we forget to ask for help.  When Jesus does help, we might not always recognise how he helps us. In the end, we are saved because we are loved.

Fr Paul says, mindful of this, let us reflect in our prayer that Jesus loves and cares for me unconditionally.