Here is miss Flores today to sing some popular children’s songs for you in Spanish. This time we are singing “Incy Wincy Spider” “La araña 🕷 pequeñita”
Note: In Spanish, we use the letter ñ. The letter ñ sound is pronounced a little bit like an n with a hum. Think of it as a “ny” sound, like “canyon”. Let us practice with this song.

La araña 🕷 pequeñita (Incy Wincy Spider)
La araña pequeñita subió subió subió (climbed up)
Vino la lluvia 🌧 y se la llevó
Salió el sol y todo lo seco y
La araña 🕷 pequeñita subió subió subió.

Miss you all, looking forward seeing you soon!
Tania Flores

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