Feast of St Athanasius

Today we remember St Athanasius (295-373) who assisted at Council of Nicea and fought against arianism (the belief that the son was created by the Father but is in no way equal to him). He was a staunch defender of the faith.

In John’s Gospel (6: 60-69) Jesus is inviting his followers to a deeper level of faith. Some of the disciples find it difficult to accept Jesus’ teaching. They don’t understand it and ultimately this drives some of them away.

Following Jesus is not an easy path. Sometimes, we may be tempted to turn away from him when things get too hard.  It is easier to take another path.

Peter, however, makes a great act of faith by declaring to Jesus ‘You have the message of eternal life and we believe. We know you are the holy one of God.’

Today, Fr Paul asks us to reflect on the words of Peter and let him be our example.

Jesus invites us to go deeper in our faith and asks ‘What about you? Do you want to go away, too?’