Jesus outlines 3 things the Spirit will help the disciples realise

Fr Paul says two themes continue to run through our Gospel John (16: 5-11) today – the approaching departure of Jesus and the coming of the advocate, the Holy Spirit.

Jesus balances any negativity the disciples may feel about his going with the positive promise that he is going to send the Holy Spirit to help them in his physical absence.

At the end of this Gospel, Jesus outlines three things the Holy Spirit will help the disciples realise:

  • Sin is the refusal to believe in Jesus
  • God’s mercy is available because Jesus is returning to the Father to be reunited with him
  • We are delivered from condemnation because of the power of the resurrection.

Fr Paul says, for today’s spiritual communion, let’s reflection on these questions: Have I sinned in the context of failing to believe in Jesus? Am I aware just how wonderful the mercy of God really is? Do I truly appreciate the sacrifice Jesus made for me?

Fr Paul also expresses his thanks to everyone who has written, emailed or commented on these reflections  – he says your encouragement is much appreciated!