Feast of Catherine of Siena

In John’s Gospel (6: 35-40) today we see and hear Jesus make some amazing promises – he says that he will never drive us away and that God will always love us.

Jesus explains just what the bread of life is and what he says maybe helpful at this time when we are not able to physically receive communion. He says that reception of the bread of life is not the eating of it, but the believing of it!

When we say ‘Amen’ (Yes! I agree) at communion, we are confirming our belief in the Body of Christ, the bread of life.

St Catherine of Siena (1347 – 1380) whose feast is today, believed deeply and passionately in the mission of Jesus.

Called from life in seclusion in 1370 by a vision that commanded her to enter public life, Catherine corresponded with many public figures of the time including Pope Gregory and dictated many books of sound doctrine and spiritual inspiration.

Today, Fr Paul asks us to reflect upon our ‘Amen’ at communion and to celebrate our belief in the Bread of life.