Fr Paul reads from the Gospel of John (20: 11-18) in which Jesus appears to Mary of Magdala, who mistakes him for a gardener near the empty tomb. Fr Paul says, in this reading we, again, see hesitation and partial recognition, which underlines just how far beyond all human possibility was the resurrection of Jesus.

It also indicates how firm the disciples were in their conviction that Jesus was, in fact, dead. This amazement in what has happened makes their faith in the resurrection all the more convincing. Mary of Magdala’s* meeting with Jesus also shows her to be a figure of love. She was one of a few, who not only followed Jesus as a supporter, but she was to stick with him right till the very end when we hear of her at the crucifixion. Now she is here experiencing the resurrection promised by Jesus. This week in our reflections, Fr Paul says, we will continue to bask in the amazement and joy that Christ is risen!

*Magdala is a small village on the shore of Galilee