Fr Paul reads from the Gospel of Matthew (28: 8-15) in which the women, on their way from the empty tomb, meet the Risen Jesus and the soldiers who guarded His tomb are bribed by Jewish authorities to say that the disciples have stolen His body in the night.

At the beginning of this Gospel, the Angel has given the women the news about the Resurrection, hence they are filled with awe and great joy.  They are now on their way to tell the disciples just as the Angel instructed them but, Fr Paul says, their journey is interrupted by Jesus, the Risen Lord, himself. Again, He urges the women to go and tell the disciples to meet him in Galilee.

Fr Paul says, it is interesting to note that, as you would expect, Jesus has changed in some way; He has changed in a way that, in each of the Resurrection appearances, it causes the disciples to be awe-struck.  It causes some to be hesitant. It causes some to, initially, fail to recognise him. Something has certainly changed about Jesus; and this theme continues as we hear of the post-Resurrection appearances.

Towards the end of this Gospel, we hear of the authorities covering up for what has happened by paying off the soldiers and asking them to spread stories and lies.

In this post- Resurrection period, Fr Paul says, we now watch as Jesus appears again and again to those of his disciples and those in the wider community.