In today’s Gospel (John 8:1-11), about the adulterous woman condemned to stoning, two things intrigue Fr Paul. He wonders, as a matter of justice, why the woman’s partner is not with her, being condemned as well; and, what exactly did Jesus write in the sand?

The Chief Priests and Pharisees bring the woman before Jesus to trap and to test him; but when he says ‘if there anyone here who has not sinned let them cast the first stone’ they all drift away.

It would be helpful for all of us to remember these words often in our lives because when we recognise a failing or weakness in others in reality the same thing exists somewhere in our own hearts.

If we are to be followers of Jesus, we first have to admit that we are not perfect.

As we reflect on today’s Gospel, we might ask ourselves the question, ‘What are the sins in my heart at the moment?’ knowing that if we come to Jesus with our sinfulness, we will not be condemned.