For Fr Paul today’s Gospel (John 11) is one of the most moving because it sees Jesus, the son of God, crying at the tomb of Lazarus.  Jesus openly shares his humanity with us. Jesus experienced loss, like many of us, and in this Gospel, he expresses it because, as we are told, he loves Martha, Mary and Lazarus.

Jesus knows what it is like to be human. He gets hungry, thirsty, tired and depressed, which is something we can all identify with. We know and trust that Jesus understands how we feel.

Jesus not only weeps at Lazarus’s tomb, he also raises him from the dead revealing that he is more than just human; he is the Son of God.

Jesus can inspire us through his humanity and he can empower us with his divinity.  He can touch our lives like no other human ever can – he gives us hope. He can raise us to new life just as he raised Lazarus.

In these times, two messages from this Gospel are especially relevant:
‘Lord the man you love is ill’ – Fr Paul invites us to reflect on all those we love, especially those who are sick at this time and to keep them in our prayers

Also, the testimony of Martha, ‘Yes Lord I believe that you are the Christ’ – Fr Paul invites us to join him in praying that we each have the kind of faith Martha shows in this Gospel; that we can, in whatever circumstances we find ourselves, proclaim, too, that Jesus is the Son of God.