Fr Paul reads today’s Gospel, again, from Mark (3: 13-19) in which Jesus appoints the twelve who were to be his companions and to be sent out to preach with power.

Today, Fr Paul says, we hear the names of the twelve appointed apostles. He says, the names differ in the various accounts of the Gospels, but the main point is there is always the number twelve. Even after Judas betrays Jesus, the number is restored to twelve.

‘Twelve’ represents the twelve tribes of Israel, so we need to be conscious that the twelve disciples, they form a new Israel.  They are the new people of God.  These twelve are chosen for two reasons: One, simply to be with Jesus; and second, to go out and proclaim.

And, just as a father would in Gospel times, name his son, it is quite significant that Jesus gives a new name to Simon, calling him Peter (or rock).

Fr Paul says, mindful of the call of the disciples, of these twelve, today we might ask ourselves ‘What do I need to do in my life now to be a better disciple of Jesus?’