After reading the Mark’s Gospel (3: 7-12) in which people, who had heard about Jesus, came to him in great numbers, Fr Paul shares a bit about the life of St Agnes, whose feast we celebrate today.

Before doing that he draws our attention to the fact that today the Gospel writer now refers to Jesus who is performing miracles or cures, as the ‘Son of God’ whereas yesterday he used the term, ‘Son of man’.

Today, Fr Paul says, we celebrate the life of St Agnes. She is the saint after whom our Parish, our main church, and a number of other works of our Parish is named.

Not much is known about Agnes. Fr Paul says, this is due to the fact that Agnes was martyred around the age of about 12 so she has not lived much of life to record.

We do know that Agnes was filled with the love of God from an early age. We also know she took a vow of celibacy, and further that, when the choice arose to break her vow, she chose to remain faithful to it and to the God she loves. And so, she was put to death.

Today, as we celebrate the life of St Agnes, Fr Paul says we might remember our Parish, especially, and all those who live within our Parish boundaries and beyond and ask this young woman of faith to pray for us.