The Son of Man must suffer many things

The Gospel today is from Luke (9: 18-22) in which Jesus asks ‘Who do you say I am?’ and the title of our reflection is ‘Peter’s profession of faith’.

For the writer of Luke many special moments in the life of Jesus take place when Jesus is at prayer. Fr Paul says, choosing disciples is one example; the Transfiguration is another; and when the disciples ask Jesus to teach them to pray is a third example.

The question we heard yesterday from Herod is the same question today but from a different group of people. Herod asked ‘Who is this? Who is Jesus?’

Today, Jesus asks the same of the disciples, ‘Who do the crowds say I am?’ and, again, the whole notion of being a prophet is talked about but, today, the voice of Peter rings out: ‘You are the Christ of God’!

So now, Fr Paul says, we now have the answer to the question ‘Who is Jesus?’ – Jesus is the Christ of God.

As soon as we have that answer, however, Jesus makes it quite clear that he will have to suffer first. Jesus will need to go to Jerusalem to experience his arrest, torture and death and only then, can we experience the Resurrection.

Having been given this answer to the question ‘Who is Jesus?’, for our reflection and prayer today, Fr Paul invites us to reflect that if someone asked us ‘Who is Jesus?’, what would we say? What would our answer be?