Who is Jesus?

Today’s Gospel from Luke (9: 7-9) is titled ‘Herod and Jesus’.

Luke’s Gospel does not contain the murder of John the Baptist by Herod. We only hear it alluded to in today’s Gospel.

The Gospel writer of Luke mentions Herod here to raise the question that Herod asks, the same question that will be asked when they finally meet later on, ‘Who is this?’ ‘Who is Jesus?’

This question will be answered in the events that take place from now on.  Already there is the thought, alluded to in this Gospel, that Jesus is a prophet.  A prophet, Fr Paul says we need to understand, is one who see things as God sees them and who declares the will of God in particular circumstances. Yet, this is just the beginning.

For our reflection, Fr Paul says we might reflect on two areas in our life – firstly, who is Jesus for me at this time in my life? And, secondly, how anxious am I to meet Jesus at this time?