Fr Paul reads the Gospel from Mark (5: 1-20) in which Jesus drives the demons out of the tormented man.

The Gospel and story of the demoniac is special in several ways, says Fr Paul.

Firstly, this is the only time that the writer of Mark’s Gospel tells of Jesus interacting with the Gentiles. This event takes place in Gentile territory.  The demoniac uses a Gentile name of God… he says, ‘most high God’. This whole experience is a foretaste of the mission of Christianity to the Gentile nations and people.

Secondly, we see the contrast of the demoniac – tough, raging, big man that no one could control, that chains or fetters could not keep – and the cured man sitting calmly with his full senses at the feet of Jesus.

Thirdly, when the man says his name is Legion, he is saying there is a full legion of spirits within him. Keeping in mind that a legion comprised 6,000 men, this contrasts with the huge herd of 2,000 pigs.  It shows just how big and how strong the spirits were.

Today for our reflection, Fr Paul asks us think ‘Is there anything within me that needs me to come to Jesus just as the man in the Gospel does? Is there anything in me that needs to be driven out by the power of Christ? What do I need to restore calm in my life?’